In the constant search for excellence and commitment to quality, we are pleased to announce the recent renewal of our IFS (International Featured Standard) certification for seafood production and packaging; This recognition supports the rigorous standards we maintain in our production chain, guaranteeing food safety and customer satisfaction;

What does the IFS Certificate entail?

The IFS Food Version 7 certificate, updated in October 2020, is an internationally recognized standard that establishes quality and safety criteria for food production; In our case, the certificate covers the production of a variety of products, including raw, cooked and pasteurized crustaceans, as well as raw and cooked cephalopod mollusks;

Evaluation Scope:

The renewal of the IFS certificate validates our processes in the production of:

  1. Raw crustaceans (refrigerated);
  2. Cooked crustaceans (refrigerated or frozen);
  3. Cooked and pasteurized crustaceans (refrigerated or frozen);
  4. Raw (frozen) cephalopod mollusks;
  5. Cooked and pasteurized (refrigerated or frozen) cephalopod and bivalve mollusks;
  6. Mixing and packaging of fishery products;
  7. Packaging of frozen cooked octopus slices;
  8. Vacuum packaging, in protective and conventional atmosphere in plastic containers (trays, bags, boxes, jars) or porex boxes;

The renewal of our IFS certification not only demonstrates our commitment to quality, but also brings significant benefits to our customers and business partners; Among these benefits are:

  • Food Safety: IFS standards ensure the application of safe practices in production, minimizing food risks.
  • Legal Compliance: Complying with IFS requirements ensures that we are aligned with international and local regulations.
  • Confianza del Cliente: El sello IFS es reconocido mundialmente, generando confianza en nuestros productos y procesos.

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The renewal of the IFS certificate does not mark the end of our commitment, but the beginning of continuous improvement; We are dedicated to constantly reviewing and updating our processes to ensure quality and safety at every stage of production;

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

In our Seafood Cooker, the renewal of the IFS certification represents a milestone in our constant search for excellence; We will continue to strive to offer the highest quality products, backed by international standards that reflect our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and safety;

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Thank you for trusting us to bring the best of the sea to your table!