Cooked / pasteurised octopus

In COCEDERO DE MARISCOS, we bring the best raw material from Morocco and Mauritania to
offer high quality frozen/pasteurised cooked octopus; With a traditional cleaning system and
cooking at just the right point, we achieve the texture and flavour that the market loves.
In addition, for the refrigerated product, we subject the octopus to a pasteurisation process that ensures a long shelf life, which allows us to supply anywhere in the world with the same freshness and
Our frozen/pasteurised cooked octopus is an excellent choice for those looking for a high quality ready-to-eat seafood product; In our company, we make sure to offer only the freshest and tastiest products to our customers;
Discover the unique texture and taste of cooked octopus from Morocco and Mauritania with our high quality products; Order today and enjoy the freshness of the sea in your home!