At COCEDERO DE MARISCOS, we are always looking for new opportunities to share our passion for quality seafood with the world; Recently, we had the honour of participating in the “Meet The Buyer” event organised by Aragón Exterior, where we met with a hundred Aragonese companies in a meeting that promised to be an unforgettable culinary experience;


A Unique Taste Encounter

Aragón Exterior’s “Meet The Buyer” event brought together companies from different sectors with the aim of promoting trade and collaborations; As specialists in seafood cooking, we could not miss the opportunity to present our marine delicacies, from exquisite cooked octopus to high quality raw and cooked prawns;

Boiled Octopus: A Delight of the Sea

Our cooked octopus is a real culinary gem; Prepared with care and following traditional recipes, the result is a tender texture and an unbeatable taste; At the event, we shared with the attendees the magic of our cooked octopus, which can turn any meal into a gourmet experience;

Raw and Cooked King Prawns: Elegance on the Plate

Prawns are one of our most popular specialities; At Meet The Buyer, we feature both raw and cooked prawns, offering versatility in the kitchen; From fresh preparations to ready-to-enjoy dishes, we show how prawns can take any meal to the next level;

Gambas Cocidas: Sabor Listo para Disfrutar

Cooked prawns are another of our culinary treasures; At the event, we invite attendees to taste the freshness and unmistakable flavour of our prawns; Ready to eat, they are ideal for appetizers and main courses, adding a touch of luxury to any occasion;

Prawn Tails: Brine and Sauce

For those looking for versatile options, we present our prawn tails in brine and in sauce; These options offer an explosion of flavour to suit a variety of culinary preparations; From salads to main courses, our prawn tails are a delicious choice;

Seafood tasting at the Meet The Buyer event COCEDERO DE MARISCOS at the Meet The Buyer event of Aragón Exterior

At COCEDERO DE MARISCOS, we are committed to quality and tradition in each of our products; Our participation in Aragon Exterior’s Meet The Buyer event was an exciting opportunity to share our passion for seafood and make valuable connections in the industry;

If you want to experience the excellence of our seafood, from cooked octopus to raw and cooked prawns, we invite you to visit our website at and see all the products we offer; Discover how flavour and tradition come together in every bite we offer;

At COCEDERO DE MARISCOS, seafood is our passion and quality is our promise; Join us on this culinary journey!