From farms halfway around the world, we get prawns Penaeus Vannamei, which we take care of making ready for the consumer, keeping all the flavor and texture as if they were freshly caught.

Use of brine in shrimp tails

Brine has long been used as a method of preserving products; But in our case we have diverted this use in order to enhance the flavor of the shrimp tail;

Due to its properties, the brine has the capacity to cut the shrimp’s cooking time; It does this at the root, so the effect is much greater than with other methods; The most obvious consequence is always that the tail is juicier than usual;

As a whole, the shrimp is particularly docile to brine, since it absorbs only the indicated amount of salt; Therefore, it does not matter if there are more than necessary; In addition, the tail is the part of the shrimp where the brine is most concentrated;