Frozen cooked shrimp

In COCEDERO, we specialize in offering a wide variety of fresh and frozen prawns
and cooked of high quality; We work with suppliers from all major origins to make sure
to select the best raw material to start our cooking process;
One of our specialties is the Peneaus Vannamei shrimp, a fresh and tasty product;
we offer to our customers; In addition, we also have an offer of wild prawns
including Peneaus Monodon and Penaaus Keratururs;
Whether you are looking for fresh prawns to prepare at home or frozen and cooked products for
for more comfort, in our company you will find the best quality and taste!

Chilled cooked shrimp

It is undoubtedly our star product; By adding modified atmosphere to the product, we achieve a long shelf life and can guarantee a unique texture and flavor in the market; We maintain the characteristics of the product in its initial state and guarantee them during its shelf life;

Chilled “Wild” cooked shrimp

The alternative to farmed shrimp is “wild”; The most demanding consumers appreciate this product for its intense flavor;
That is why we offer the highest quality wild prawns.: Peneaus Monodon & Peneaus Keraturus.