Frozen raw langoustine

At COCEDERO, we are proud to offer high quality, defrosted raw prawns, which pass through the defrosting process;
by a carefully designed process to enhance freshness, flavour and shelf life;
Starting with the best raw material, our raw prawns are subjected to a process
The special design ensures that they do not develop melanosis, which prolongs their lifespan and maintains their
quality for longer.
Our commitment to quality leads us to use only the best methods and techniques in the
processing of our defrosted raw prawns, which ensures that our customers
enjoy fresh and tasty products at all times;
Discover our process of defrosted raw prawns and enjoy the freshness and quality
incomparable quality of our products!

Thawed raw langoustine

Starting from the raw material, we process the prawns, giving them more freshness, flavour and guaranteeing a longer shelf life without developing melanosis in the product;