The ASC Certification represents an internationally recognized standard in the realm of responsible and sustainable aquaculture. This labeling and certification program focuses on products of the sea cultivated in a responsible manner, ensuring that every step of the supply chain adheres to rigorous environmental and social criteria.

The ASC’s chain of custody certification goes beyond merely labeling products. Its aim is to provide a solid guarantee that products bearing the ASC seal come from sources certified by ASC. This means that from the hatchery to the final consumer, a production process has been followed that respects the highest standards of sustainability.

The mission of ASC is ambitious yet essential: to transform aquaculture into an activity that is both environmentally #sustainable and socially responsible. To achieve this, ASC not only sets standards but also works to implement efficient market mechanisms that generate value throughout the chain. From caring for marine ecosystems to the welfare of local communities, ASC is committed to promoting practices that foster a healthier future for our oceans and their inhabitants.

When you choose products with the ASC seal, you are supporting a form of aquaculture that values environmental health and the well-being of the people involved in its production.