COCEDERO DE MARISCOS at Conxemar 2023: Taste and Tradition in one place

Autumn is approaching, and with it, one of the most awaited events in the seafood world: the International Fair of Frozen Seafood Products, Conxemar 2023; This year, COCEDERO DE MARISCOS is proud to announce its presence at this prestigious event, where it will delight seafood lovers with its exquisite selection of products;

Stand location

At Conxemar 2023, COCEDERO DE MARISCOS will be located in Hall 1, Stand 1A15; Our presence in this privileged location will allow us to stand out from the crowd and showcase the best of our quality seafood offerings;

Seafood Cooker at Conxemar Seafood Cooker at Conxemar

The Excellence of Our Products

At COCEDERO DE MARISCOS, we have always been committed to the quality and freshness of our products; During Conxemar 2023, we will present a wide range of marine delicacies, from juicy prawns and king prawns to tender cooked octopus, all ready to conquer the most demanding palates;

Our Passion for Seafood

Beyond offering quality products, COCEDERO DE MARISCOS carries with it a deep-rooted tradition in seafood cuisine;

The Fair Days

Conxemar 2023 will take place on 3, 4 and 5 October 2023 in Vigo, Spain; These days promise to be a unique opportunity for lovers of seafood and quality gastronomy to immerse themselves in a world of incomparable flavours;

Visit us at Conxemar 2023

At COCEDERO DE MARISCOS, we are excited about our participation in Conxemar 2023; If you are passionate about quality seafood and gastronomic tradition, we invite you to visit our Stand 1A15 in Hall 1; Discover the authentic taste of seafood and be captivated by the freshness and passion we put into every bite;

Don’t miss the opportunity to live a unique culinary experience at Conxemar 2023 with COCEDERO DE MARISCOS; We are waiting for you to share the excellence of our products and the richness of our tradition!

Remember, when you think of quality seafood, think of COCEDERO DE MARISCOS; See you at Conxemar 2023!

COCEDERO DE MARISCOS stand at Conxemar 2023