Do you love the taste of seafood and are looking for new ways to enjoy your favourite ingredients such as octopus, prawns and shrimps? At we bring you a variety of recipes that you are sure to love;

1. Galician octopus

Galician octopus is a classic and traditional recipe of Galician gastronomy; To prepare it, you need to cook the octopus in boiling water with salt and paprika; Once cooked, cut into slices and serve on a plate sprinkled with a little salt and olive oil; Delicious!

2. Grilled prawns

Grilled prawns are a quick and easy option to enjoy this seafood at its best; Simply heat a non-stick griddle or frying pan, season the prawns with salt and pepper and cook for a few minutes until golden brown and juicy; You can serve them on their own as a starter or add them to a salad or pasta;

3. Prawns with garlic

Gambas al ajillo (prawns with garlic) is a classic Spanish recipe that you can’t miss; To prepare them, brown a few slices of garlic in olive oil, add the peeled prawns and cook them until they are pink; Then add chopped parsley, a touch of white wine and salt to taste; Serve the garlic prawns as a tapa or as a main course with bread;

4. Seafood salad;

If you prefer a lighter option, a seafood salad is perfect for you; Combine cooked octopus, prawns and shrimps with lettuce leaves, tomato, onion and olives; Dress with a little olive oil, vinegar and salt; This salad is refreshing, nutritious and full of sea flavour;

These are just a few ideas to prepare delicious recipes with octopus, prawns and shrimps! At you can find more inspiration and a variety of options to make the most of these exquisite ingredients from the sea; Enjoy the freshness and quality of our products and surprise your loved ones with irresistible dishes!

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