Cocedero de Mariscos at The Seafood Marketplace for Asia: Seafood delights at your fingertips!

In the vibrant world of the seafood industry, there is no more anticipated and exciting event than The Seafood Marketplace for Asia; This internationally renowned event is the epicentre where seafood lovers, suppliers and industry experts come together to celebrate the treasures of the ocean; And this year, we are excited to announce that Cocedero de Mariscos will be present at this prestigious fair with a stand that will leave a lasting impression; Welcome to stand N25!

Cocedero de Mariscos, a leading producer of premium quality seafood, is proud to participate in The Seafood Marketplace for Asia; For years, we have perfected the art of cooking and serving seafood delicacies, such as shrimps, prawns, octopus…, which delight the most demanding palates. Now, we look forward to sharing our passion and exceptional products with an international audience at this world-class event;

Stand de Cocedero de Mariscos en The Seafood Marketplace for Asia - N25What can you expect at our Stand N25?

At Cocedero de Mariscos, we believe in freshness and quality; At our stand, you will find an impressive selection of seafood that will transport you directly to the most exquisite coasts; From juicy lobsters to soft shell crabs, tender shrimps and fresh oysters, our stand N25 will be a paradise for seafood lovers;

Our Passion for Sustainability

At Cocedero de Mariscos, we are committed to marine sustainability; We understand the importance of protecting our oceans and maintaining healthy marine ecosystems for future generations; That’s why we work closely with local fishermen and practice responsible fishing;

At The Seafood Marketplace for Asia, we would be happy to share our sustainable practices and talk about how we contribute to the conservation of the marine environment. We believe it is essential that all stakeholders in the seafood industry unite in this crucial effort;

Únete a Nosotros en The Seafood Marketplace for Asia

The Seafood Marketplace for Asia is an unrivalled opportunity to explore the latest trends in the seafood industry, make valuable business connections and discover exciting new culinary offerings; We are proud to be part of this event and look forward to seeing you at our stand N25;

Whether you are a seafood lover, a passionate chef or a professional in the industry, you can’t miss this exciting experience; Come and discover why Cocedero de Mariscos is synonymous with freshness, quality and exceptional flavour;

See you at The Seafood Marketplace for Asia, where the treasures of the sea come to life at the Seafood Cooker!