Discover our delicious shrimp tails cooked with different sauce options; Choose from Honey Mustard, Herbs Provencal, Teriyaki or no sauce, and savor exquisite flavors. Each prawn tail is carefully selected and cooked to guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience; Come and enjoy our quality prawns!

Prawn tails with different sauces

Delight yourself with our delicious shrimp tails cooked with sauce! In our seafood section, we offer you a variety of irresistible options to satisfy your cravings; Discover the exquisite flavors that combine perfectly with our cooked shrimp tails;

If you love sweet and spicy contrasts, we recommend our cooked shrimp tails with Honey and Mustard. This unique combination enhances the natural flavor of the prawns, while the sweetness of the honey and the spicy touch of the mustard create an unforgettable culinary experience;

If you prefer a more aromatic and Mediterranean option, try our cooked prawn tails with Provençal Herbs. The freshness of the herbs merges with the softness of the prawns, providing a sophisticated flavor full of nuances; You will be transported to the Mediterranean coast with every bite;

Are you passionate about Asian cuisine? Entonces, no puedes perderte nuestras colas de langostino cocidas con salsa Teriyaki. The sweet and salty glaze of the Teriyaki sauce enhances the juicy texture of the prawns, creating an irresistible combination; Every bite will be an explosion of authentic and exotic flavors;

If you are a purist and prefer to taste the prawns in their most natural state, we offer you our boiled prawn tails without sauce. These prawns are carefully cooked to maintain their original freshness and juiciness; Its soft and delicate flavor will allow you to appreciate the exceptional quality of this seafood;

In our commitment to provide you with high quality products, our shrimp tails are carefully selected and cooked to perfection to guarantee an unequaled gastronomic experience; Whether you prefer the Honey Mustard Sauce, Herbs Provencal, Teriyaki or the sauce-free option, each dish is made with the finest ingredients and a love of cooking.

Come and enjoy our shrimp tails cooked with sauce; We assure you that you will lick your fingers with every bite!