Cocedero de Mariscos, S.A. was created in 1986 with the purpose of supplying the Spanish market with cooked seafood products. It quickly established a leading position in the seafood cooking market.
The growth that the company has had and continues to have is the result of the management of human resources as well as the clear commitment that Cocederro de Mariscos has made to new technologies.
With the innovative facilities that we have in the town of Fraga (Huesca), we face the future with total guarantee.
In a globalized and competitive environment it is essential to be able to stand out among your competitors.
That is why we base our activity of cooking shrimp and seafood in general, in the development of commercial policies focused on service excellence, superior quality and products that meet market demands.

Who we are

Since its creation, Cocedero de Mariscos, S.A. has consolidated its position as one of the most prestigious companies in the market, dedicated to the cooking of seafood to occupy the leading position that corresponds to it. The company has undergone continuous evolution since its origins, adapting to new market demands by applying the most advanced technical methods available today. We are improving day by day, thanks to the efforts of a team of people dedicated to their work in order to offer you superior service and quality.

International Featured StandardsAquaculture Stewardship Council

Comatrade Corp.

Comatrade Corp. It is a new company created by us, based in Miami, focused on sales in the American market.

Letter from the President

From that September 1986 when we started our activity until today, we have come a long way, full of good results. Thanks to the loyalty of our customers and the professionalism of our suppliers and on the other hand the attention, effort and dedication of our employees, we have been able to reach what we are now, a modern company with good facilities, open to the world and able to take on any challenge thinking day by day in the future and in new ways of processing and presenting articles.
We have worked to achieve full management at the environmental level and at the time we solved the treatment of organic and inorganic waste. At the time, we started up a new generation biological treatment plant and were able to deliver recycled wastewater for quaternary uses.
Our obsession with quality and good workmanship led us to obtain the IFS certification. Automated production lines have been created for third, fourth and fifth range and our R&D department continues to carry out studies for the expansion of new products and presentations.
I would like to thank our customers and suppliers for the trust shown during all these years, our employees and collaborators for the effort and sacrifice made in order to achieve our goal, which is none other than to present to the public a well elaborated product, of good quality and attractive presentation, respecting the environment, which is, in short, the principle on which our foodstuffs depend. All that remains is to continue counting, as we have done up to now, on your collaboration and I would like to thank you all most expressly.
D. Albert Valls
Chairman of Cocedero de Mariscos, S.A.